Children love to sing, especially action songs, and who wouldn’t want to go on a bear
hunt, or visit a ball park, or hear about the old woman who swallowed the fly?

Children and parents flock to Ms Candy’s sing-alongs.  Drawing on her lifetime
experiences as a nanny, Girl Scout leader/trainer, and her childhood baby-sitting
expertise, Ms Candy has a large repertoire of songs to entertain youngsters.

With her first CD, her many fans can enjoy a sing-along in their own homes as they
listen and respond to her voice.  Her bubbly presentation is infectious.  Her charming
and tuneful back up singers-Allison, Caroline and Emily- are children she has looked
after as a nanny.  Who can resist two year old fan Alana singing “Baa Baa Black
Sheep” with a little encouragement from her mother!

Some twenty years ago, during her career as a professional nanny, Ms Candy
accompanied her young charges to the Roxbury Public Library story hour.  She
volunteered to sing to the children and the rest they say, is history.  Drawing on her 30
years experience as a nanny, her 50 years of Girl Scouting, her nursing background and
her childhood baby-sitting expertise, Ms Candy has collected her songs along the way.  
Her enthusiasm encourages even the shyest child to participate and, of course, as a
nanny she gently encourages good manners.

“I love how their faces light up when they recognize an old favorite, says Ms Candy,
Their pride grows as they realize they can do a good job singing along.  It encourages
their feelings of self worth.”  At Watersign Creative Recording Studio, when asked
what key she sings in, Ms Candy replied, “the key of P” the key of “P?” “P” for
people, so everyone can sing along!”

The delight of a child is alive and well in Ms Candy and like Peter Pan, she says she
hopes she’ll never grow up.  She loves children and receives so much energy from
them.  “The more they give the more I give back,” she declared.  Her CD is a wonderful
edition to any family with young children, and an enormous help to grandparents and
other who are musically challenged.  Remember Ms Candy sings in the key of “P”—
“P” for people-everyone can sing along.

Ms Candy currently has 2 CD's available:

Ms Candy Sings Vol. 1

Ms Candy Sings Christmas Vol. 2

Ms Candy Sings Old & New Vol. 3
to be released in '09

CD's are 10 each. Talk to Ms Candy after a sing along to get your own copy!
About Ms Candy